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Systems Excellence

is built upon Vision and Discipline.

At SystemsWaves, we believe that the future is for organisations who make a rapid shift towards Excellence through the optimization of their Information Systems and Tools.  They should focus on facilitating knowledge sharing inside and outside the company to further accelerate innovation and stimulate process improvement.

Through Modelling

Businesses continuously need to (re)model and (re)align their Information Systems for a better cockpit view to improve support of the operational processes.

Having an Integral Vision

The SystemsWaves' knowledge centre -Systems- researches new Product- and Software Development concepts, Systems Implementations, Project Management methods, Business Analysis practices and Quality Assurance.  This to ensure that an integral vision can be built, paving the path towards excellence.

On the Waves of Change (WoC)

Supporting change happens in various waves.

Changes are addressed through Technology, Organisational Management and Transformation.

For successfully managing changes, you need enthousiastic professionals, flexible tools and creative approaches.

Through the SystemsWaves service offering

    Product and Software Consulting guiding you with expert services on all aspects of your Information Systems strategy.  Ensuring that a solid business case and project plan is delivered and carried out.

    Business and IT Interim Management: providing consulting services for steering and aligning multiple project streams and generating better results.

    Waves Projects: we design and implement all type of projects in order to help you to transform your current practices towards a strategy driven and disciplined practice.  Since we promote a systemic approach, we are able to manage as well as the business imperatives (BizzWaves) as the organisational and workforce changes (HRWaves).



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Systems Excellence needs vision, discipline in execution and heroes.
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